Product range

We offer you a wide range of fresh, homegrown products with a delicious taste.

In our assortment:
Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce
Lollo Rossa
Lollo Bionda
Green Batavia
Romaine Lettuce
Green Multi Leaf Butterhead
Red Multi Leaf Butterhead
Green Multi Leaf Oak Leaf Lettuce
Red Multi Leaf Oak Leaf Lettuce
Green Multi Leaf Frisee Lettuce
Red Multi Leaf Frisee Lettuce

The characteristics, colours, flavours and applications are described on our Lettuce Leaflet..

With Salanova® we want to open up a new market. This is a delicious, sweet and crispy "One cut ready" leaf lettuce that falls apart into small leaves after just one cut. – On top of that, the red varieties have a beautiful colour shade.