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From butterhead to "One cut ready" Salanova® lettuce

We offer you a wide range of fresh, homegrown products with a delicious taste. Please continue reading to view our complete range.

In our assortment:
Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce
Lollo Rossa
Lollo Bionda
Green Batavia
Romaine Lettuce
Green Multi-Leaf Butterhead
Red Multi-Leaf Butterhead
Green Multi-Leaf Oak Leaf Lettuce
Red Multi-Leaf Oak Leaf Lettuce
Green Multi-Leaf Frisee Lettuce

Red Multi-Leaf Frisee Lettuce

The characteristics, colours, flavours and applications are described on our Lettuce Leaflet.

With Salanova® we want to open up a new market. This is a delicious, sweet and crispy "One cut ready" leaf lettuce that falls apart into small leaves after just one cut. – On top of that, the red varieties have a beautiful colour shade.


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