From plant to customer.

When the first plants are put into the ground in the beginning of March, it’s usually still too cold at night for our lettuce varieties. That’s why the first plantings are covered with soft fleece in order to ensure the steadiest possible growth. At the end of April/beginning of May, the first lettuce heads are ready to be harvested, which is done mechanically. The lettuce heads are cut with a band saw and transported to a covered work platform via a conveyor belt. There the lettuce heads are checked, cut and packaged to customer specifications..

After they have passed through a washer and have been stacked on pallets, they are directly transported into the cold store in order to bring the lettuce to the optimal storage temperature as soon as possible. Once this is done, the fresh product is transported to our customers. This whole process of planting, taking good care of the crops and harvesting continues until the end of October, when the last lettuce heads of the field are harvested. This allows us to guarantee a good and fresh product for our customers throughout the season, as their great desire is continuity in the supply of quality products. And the customer is always right!