Vision and mission

Our vision

Being the best, most progressive and most innovative grower with the widest product range.

Lucassen Agri Cultuur wants to be a supplier that stands out by: Supplying our customers with a tasty, fresh product of the highest quality. Every day freshly harvested from the fields. The time between harvest and delivery is kept as short as possible. Straight from the Sevenum fields to the customer, which guarantees a fresh product. Lucassen Agri Cultuur is staying up to date with the ever-changing market and continues to invest in service, product quality and product development.

We choose lettuce varieties that not only taste good, but also have vigorous and strong leaves. Irrigation of the lettuce heads is done with groundwater that has been tested through a microbiological and bacteriological examination in order to reduce risks and ensure food safety. We strive for the most sustainable vegetable production.

This goal is achieved by means of modern machinery, the right knowledge in the right place within the company, good cultivation advice and a service-oriented approach to our customers.