In 1968, Wiel and John’s parents started a mixed company in Sevenum with lettuce, leek and broilers. In the early eighties, Wiel and John took over the company and continued under the name Gebr. Lucassen. In 1994, John’s wife Anouschka joined the company and the Lucassen partnership was established. In 2000, the chickens were divested in order to fully focus on horticulture. When they also gave up leek in 2006, they decided to fully specialize in the cultivation of various kinds of lettuce. Since 2015, the company has adopted the ‘BV structure’ (private limited company) and has continued under the name Lucassen Agri Productie BV.

In 2004, Lucassen Agri Cultuur BV was established to be able to sell our own products to customers in the Netherlands and abroad.